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I have recently learned about a new kind of security issue called CSRF. It goes by other abbreviations as well.

To put it in the context of mobile and landline phones. Its kind of like a prank or nuisance call. Except it happens without you knowing. Most important point to take away from this. If you have logged in to do internet banking or check webmail. DON'T be complacent. Be sure to log out of sites with sensitive data including ISP, internet banking etc. I myself made that mistake on my own computer. Ooops. Yeah, don't let it be an anxiety thing. Its kind of like when you are driving your car. Remember to lock it while you are not using it. The nerd in me enjoyed learning something new. Buuut also wanted to warn the general computing public in a landscape of 24x7 VDSL internet accessing of sites such as FB, Instagram etc. Thanks for reading! :)